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Dalmatian Jasper

Does anyone have any objections to my calling Leopard Jasper
"Dalmatian Jasper"?

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Hi, Tony- Why would you want to do that? Dalmatian jasper already has
a name which suits it well, and calling it “leopard jasper” would
likely cause people to confuse it with leopardskin jasper, which is
an entirely different beast from the dalmatian. – Lee Einer

  Does anyone have any objections to my calling Leopard Jasper
"Dalmatian Jasper"? 

Hi Tony, I don’t object; you may call it anything you like. However
it could be confusing since there is already a stone called Dalmatian
stone or Dalmatian jasper which has black spots on a creamy ground
and looks a lot more like a Dalmatian than does leopard skin jasper.


Dalmatian Jasper is black & white like the spotted dogs; leopard
jasper is green, beige, black/brown, usually in a circular pattern.
Hope this helps some, Marcia

Tony, This is not a geological/gemological, scientific explanation,
just a simple visual observation:

Leopard Jasper, or Leopardskin Jasper, is distinctive from

Leopard Jasper exhibits far more color variation, usually the tawny
yellows and golds, along with greys, creams, and blacks, but also a
rose-pink mix. The varigation can merge from distinctive spots into
more of a "tiger’ stripe. Dalmation displays distinct, little black
spots on a “dirty” white ground - my beads remind me of little
speckled birds’ eggs.

And that’s the “truth about cats and dogs” (groan!)


Tony, there is already a stone called Dalmation Jasper it is mining
in Mexico.


I always thought that dalmatian jasper and leopardskin jasper were
two completely “different” stones. They may look “similiar” in
appearance, but the colorings and patterns can vary dramatically.
Dalmatian has that black background with white spots. It also can
have a creamy brown background. Leopardskin can vary from reds to
oranges to browns to blacks, all with different color spots on them.
The patterns in leopardskin are much more vibrant as well. Calling
one the other is OK, but it won’t help your reputation with clients
who know the difference. Just my “2” cents!

Thomas Parker

Dear Tony, There is already a stone called dalmation stone, so
calling leopard jasper dalmation jasper is going to lead to


Hi Tony, Dalmation Jasper looks different than Leopard Jasper from
what I have seen. Dalmation is easy to recognize with the off white
background and black spots like the dalmation dog.

I have generally referred to the Dalmation Jasper as Dalmation

Diane Sadel

The following link will take those interested to my web where I have
posted a page with a picture of the offending material.

I’d be interested in replies.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Tony Konrath: I have an objection to you calling Leopard Skin Jasper
anything but what it is. There are enough problems trying to keep
people straight on the different agate and jaspers out there without
more confusion by adding one more different marketing name to an
already recognized item. That is part of the problem with this
industry. Too many marketing names, or terms, for the same thing just
to generate, in my opinion, more money from a rock. What is wrong
with the name Leopard? It is a big cat with spots. Now you want to
make it a big dog with spots. Sincerely, Marty Galarneau


The picture looks like Dalmatian Jasper to me. Or at least that what
it was called by the lapidary suppliers who sold the rough to me at
Tucson, in Virginia, and in Texas.

Michael Conlin