[Dallas] Lalique exhibit

Hello All, Susan Embler, John Griesen, and I are going to meet,
in Dallas, for and informal “field trip” to see the Lalique
exhibit. It will be Tuesday, January 5th, and we will meet at
the West End between 10:45 and 11:30, for lunch. For the
unfamiliar, the West End is in the old warehouse district, behind
Dealy Plaza and the school book depository. We’ll meet in front
of the warehouse mall. I’m looking forward to meeting some more
Orchid friends and enjoying the exhibit. Meet you there, Curtis

How long is this exhibit running? Where? Is it travelling? I
just got the book “The Jewels of Lalique” and have been
mesmorized ever since. I’d LOVE to go to a show.

Thanx for any info.

(: Kristine