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[Dallas] Jewely schools and open studios


I have just recently moved to the Dallas Texas area and am looking
for a Jewelry school or open studio setting. Is anyone familiar with

Hello Jackie,

I don’t know Dallas at all, but perhaps there is a Metal Arts Guild
in the area. Try Googling it and see what shows up. I know there is a
guild in Houston, TX and there is a metals program at the university
in Denton,TX which maybe too far from Dallas but they might have some
info to share.

Good Luck,
Nanz Aalund

My Arlington Gem & Mineral Club has excellent classes several nights
a week. We meet the first Tues. of each month at 7:00 PM (817)
277-2286 1408 Gibbins Rd, Arlington, TX 76011. There’s other classes
held on some Sat. & workshops. This is located 1 block S. of I-30
and 1 block E. of N. Cooper in Arlington, close to 6 Flags. There
are several other gem and mineral clubs in the Dallas area, but ours
is the most active in the U.S.

Also there is a guild in N. Dallas. I’ve forgotten the name but if
you go on the internet and look for Artist Guild, Dallas, TX I think
it’ll pop up.

If you go to some of the club shows in the area you may find other
classes. We just had our 50th Club Show in Aug.

Then the next closes school is in Paris, TX.

Good luck, come visit us at the club.
Sharon Perdasofpy

Hi Jackie,
Welcome to Dallas!

There are 2 organizations that teach jewelry:

(1) Creative Arts Center just east of downtown and
(2) Craft Guild of Dallas in Addison/Farmer’s Branch.

Brookhaven (College) also has some jewelry classes, and UT Arlington
too. North Texas University in Denton if you like the drive there!

There are a few of us Orchidians scattered around the “metroplex”. No
organized metal group that I’m aware of. Email me off list and
perhaps I can help.