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Dallas jewelry supplies


I haven’t posted on here very often but do read through daily. I
have recently moved to Dallas, TX and am wondering if anyone has
suggestions for:

Suppliers, tools, metal, stones etc. a caster stores/ galleries or
areas that would be of interest and anything else that might be of
interest here


Physical Address:

13740 Omega Road
Dallas, Texas 75244

Unfortunately Dallas has lost a very large supplier a few years ago &
another smaller but very good one. The only one I know of now is
Roseco 13740 Omega Rd (N. Dallas, just N. of 635, W. of The Galleria)
972-991-9731 for equipment…you do have to have a tax resale #. For
stones, etc The Rock Barrel, N. of 635 & W. of The Galleria. There’s
also Texas Beads, very good bead source. There’s also a bead source
in Rockwall, a suburb E. of Dallas…sorry went blank on name.

Rio is good for equipment. I’ve been getting my sterling, etc. from
Thunderbird Jewelry Supply & IJS (Indian Jewelry Supply) out of
Albuquerque, & Gallup, NM.

Hope this helps,
Sharon Perdasofpy

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. It’s appreciated and gives
me a starting point. I don’t mind ordering in things online but do
like to support local businesses if I can.