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Daily Digest - What Happened


The daily digest stopped showing up in my “In Box” about a week ago. Anyone else having this problem?
I have not changed any of my settings etc etc


Me to what happened! Audrita


@leah-ganoksin-admin and I will look into this immediately… we had this issue once before, and it was server-related. Thanks for letting us know!


Me too.


we are looking into this - it is server-related.


Me too!


Me, too…no digests.


Same here. I know Kansas is a backwater, but we DO have the Inet and WiFi :grin:
Judy in Kansas, where it really seems like spring. I believe I’ll plant some peas!


Also here in Pennsylvania - this is the first item i have received in about a week.


Yes, I also have just received the first email in about a week.


Never mind - a Daily Digest just appeared in my inbox.


@leah-ganoksin-admin is working on rectifying this problem. She can jump in and let y’all know when it is fixed for sure :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience. We are also devising a test so we can be notified if/when this ever happens again.


Hello everyone. This should be fixed now. Many apologies for the issue. It’s the result some sporadic unknown bug we’re experiencing but we’re working on getting to the bottom of it.