Cyanide disposal

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Hello Dennis,

On to another subject, I have some worn out electro-stripping
solution from Rio that I need to neutralize. It is cyanide based, I
couldn't find out how to do it through the archives, but I thought
there was a thread last year. It concerned using Hydrogen peroxide
if I remember correctly. Any help out there would be greatly
appreciated, I want to send the gold that is in the solution to a

We have those instructions available in our Midas Plating Guide
(550-289), which I highly recommend purchasing ($11.95). I would
offer to e-mail them but its about three pages of very serious
much of it depending on your local regulations. Call me
or e-mail me and we can discus this further.


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Sales and Support
800-545-6566 ex 13903

Dennis: I wrote a post on decomposing cyanide solutions on Sept. 30,
2003. Procedures using bleach or hydrogen peroxide are discussed.
The post is in the archives.

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