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Cuttlefish offer

Hi there,

I have Massive amounts of cuttlefish bone washed up on my beach.

Does anyone need it? Is there a demand for large pieces?


Andrew Campbell
Tasmania, Australia

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Yes, I would dearly love to have the cuttlebone, but it might be
expensive to ship. Most of my work is from casting with cuttlebone
and I am always trying to find a better source.

Jessica Hensley
Edwardsville, IL USA

We need around 50 pounds of cuttlefish bones for childrens workshops.
What would the cost be and where are you located ( I must figure
shipping). Annette Aucoin, 520 Bayou Tortue Rd., Broussard, LA 70518. Thanks

I have considered importing for a long time. Tried to talk friends
into it and failed. Size and thickness is important. Cheap little
ones are available from Mexico. These would have to be special. Are
there any health issues? Must arrive unbroken for top value. I will
look to see what prices are here in the states. Bill Seeley

Andrew Yes please We use cuttle fish occasionally in Cairns for casting
and can never get the larger sizes. you can email me on
@William_Nicholas_Rus at your convenience. Regards
William Russell