Cutting Tubing

Deb: We manufacture a tool called “Jeweler’s Table Saw”. It
will perform repetitive cuts on tubing, strip or bar stock
rapidly and precisely. The tool uses a flex shaft machine with a
#30 hand piece for power. Rio Grande, Gesswein and Indian
Jewelers Supply carry it. You can see it in their catalogs.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.

In reference to the Flex Shaft Table Saw:

There are plans (well, not real “plans”, but an exploded view of
a home made flex shaft table saw) for making this miniature
table saw in the book, “The Flexible Shaft Machine” by Harold
O’Connor published in 1983. In addition to the table saw, there
are also plans for a wax turning lathe and a stone cutting unit.
Lots of info on using different burrs and accessories too.

All that said, I would guess that unless you’re pretty good at
making your own jigs, you might be better of buying one already

Just some more info for ya,
Marlo M.