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Cutting Tubes

Hi All- I have a question to pose the group. I am cutting many 3mm
lengths of 5 mm tubing and can not get them in my flex shaft to cut
them quickly and accurately like I do with smaller tubing. Does
anyone have an idea of a jig that would adapt the chuck of the flex
shaft to accomodate larger tubing or another way to cut them

Thanks for your thoughts
T. Lee , roasting to death in Mpls. already

About the tubing- Have you tried using a dowell that will fit
inside the tubing and turning a portion down so it will go into the
flex-shaft chuck? It works for me!

I use a tubing jib from Frei and Borell. Expensive, 150.00 on
sale!, but is pefect and does 45’ angles. There is a flexshaft
book that has plans to make a mini table saw, I forget the author
but will post it later if no one else posts the info

Ed Colbeth Metalsmith, Motorcyclist
Taunton, Massachusetts (Soon to be Deer Isle, Maine)
ICQ# 6247734

Ya! they have tubing holders just for cutting tubes! Or I used a
ring cutter made for cutting rings and watch bands Matt W.

Two solutions come to mind. Not having tried either one, I can’t
vouch for their usefulness, but

  1. Put the tubing in a variable speed drill clamp it down and
    start it turning at a very slow speed. A hose clamp (the kind that
    tightens with a screw) on the trigger will allow you to set it and
    let it run. Press the blade of your saw to the rotating tubing to

2.Put a cutoff disk in your flex and cut the tubing

Even barbarians like chocolate chip cookies


T. Lee

Gesswein sells a nice little jig. It has a V slot for the tube, a
slot for the saw blade, an adjustable stop so you can cut whatever
length you need, a little arm that flips over the tube to hold it
in place when cutting and all this on a handle. You can cut your
tubing all exactly the same length and have perfect square ends.
Its about $40.00 I think.

Mark P.
WI Perfect weather, planting tomatoes today.

I purchased a mini tube cutter from our local Ace Hardware store.
It works well for me but I am cutting 1/4" sections of 12mm tube.
Cuts straight every time.

i use a flexshaft and a circular cutting disc, it works great for
cutting tubing. Bari F.