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Cutting star ruby for best results

Hello all,

I was interested in the discussion about the best setting for a star
sapphire. Can anyone help me with identifying WHERE the star will be
when cutting one? I have a small stone I got at a workshop, he called
it a “Star Ruby” and I am not sure how to identify just where the
pattern in the stone will be when trying to decide which end should
be the top of the cab.

Related to this is some difficulties I am having with cabbing up a
Madagascar Labradorite. It has fire going in several directions on
some parts of the stone. I have been able to identify a few areas and
the best angle to start my grinding, but as I get to the real "busy"
places, it seems I am loosing the flash from it, no matter what angle
I turn the stone.

Any tips would be wonderful,

Hello Teresa,

This might be useful;