Cutting stainless steel

I intend to cut stainless steel(#304) wire with a hand saw. Does it
exist some blade which can do the job?


Marcel, stainless steel wire may be cut by hand using a hack saw. I
suggest you use a fine toothed alloy steel blade (not carbon steel)
and lubricate the coil (if that is what you are cutting) with a good
stick lubricant. The blade’s teeth must face forward and the work
held rigidly. Cutting is done only on the forward stroke only. Lift
the blade off the work when drawing it back. Take long even strokes
(full length of your saw).

We’ve designed these features into the Jump Ringer All Metals Saw.
It will accomplish this much more quickly and easily on any metal
jump rings you can form into a coil including plain or stainless
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Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of the Jump Ringer System