Cutting sheet steel

Will cutting sheet steel on a guillotine ruin the blade.

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It would depend on the type of blade and the type of steel.
Most if not all, steel cutters in the general industry is of a guillotine style.
Soft unhardened steel if its not too thick would probably be ok a few times.
But the blade will be contaminated with steel shavings for the next cuts.
So maybe you will need to acid treat the gold/silver/copper after.

It will probably ruin the blade after some cuts, so it will be entirely up to you.
For a single operation it may be worth a try.

I cut up to 16 gauge mild steel sheet with my Beverly style shear. Works fine as long as I keep all the bolts tightened.

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This is one of those “It Depends On” answers. Steel comes in many alloys and it comes in sheets of various thicknesses. If you are buying sheet at Lowes or the Tractor Supply unless it says otherwise it is likely to be mild steel. I have cut 26 gauge mild steel on my shear which I believe to be the same make as my brother’s. Before I cut it I called the retailer and manufacturer and asked the limitations of the tool. So it depends on the alloy and the thickness of the metal and the limitations of the shear. Make sure it’s tight and lube the cut.

As an aside; You can cut some alloys of aluminum and brass and copper with a wood blade on a band saw but I wouldn’t do it without checking with the manufacturers first.

That is all I have ever done.

Don Meixner

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