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Cutting & Shaping Amber

I am about to receive a quantity of rough amber and want to know the
best way to cut, shape and polish it - can anyone recommend a good
book to guide me?

Thanks for your help

What kind of polish and shapes are you looking to create? Amber is
very soft and heat sensitive.


I have seen some about cutting amber on various lists
and forums I frequent for cutting stones. it seems the general
thoughts on amber, are just cut it with regular wet/dry sandpaper. if
the stone needs to be dopped, regular white school glue is a good
choice, because amber is so heat sensitive. Just a soak in water will
disolve the glue. do NOT use any organic solvents with amber
though… no alcohol, acetone… anything like that that is often
used while working on stones. solvents will distroy the amber.


Dear Mike,

Thanks for the info. I would be interested to hear about the best
forums for cutting and shaping stones that you use. I appreciate the
advice about not using solvents, but as this is a first for me, can
you help me out - what is ‘dopped’?