Cutting sapphire

Hello, I am coming out of lurkdom, hopefully to get some insight on
a very strange thing. I was at my Lapidary class last nite w/ my
husband (also taking the class), we mutually decided that he should
cut the sapphire he was working on in half. It was a lightish blue,
not clear but pretty anyhow. When he cut it there was a "perfect"
ruby crystal dead center inside of the sapphire. Ok the question I
have now is, how rare is this? and possibly what would the worth be,
the cabs are about 10 mm round, one we kept the basic sapphire
crystal’s shape to. the other I rounded. Ok that is my goofy question
for today. thanks Cece

boy…didn’t ya light the stone first? you sure did destroy the
value of the rarity. but if you still have the crystal shape inside
the sapphire it would make for an unusuall stone… always light yer
stones, i use a lazer pointer also as it serves well to highlight
inclusions… ringman