Cutting Out A Pattern

It is I, The Sheltech Guy, at your service. A row of Fleur-de-lis -es
on a die ?.. yes, that’s possible. Contact me off-orchid and we can
discuss. Possibly easier than some of the ones I’ve had to do lately.

Like the 9.5" cross with embossing, done as a one-step pancake die.
My wire edm person had a glitch in the program, (or a ghost in the
machine ?), and nearly ruined it, and also forgot to cut part of it
out at an angle. Luck and experience pounding on dies helped me save
it. I have permission from that customer to show it off, so stay

Then there was the two-part, one-step, pancake- die-with
-plastic-steel-female-mold setup. Actually two, a doggy head 6" by
4" and 1/2" deep, and a cow head 6" by 5" and also 1/2" deep.
Actually three such beasts, painfully complicated in the intricate
progression of steps needed to plan and assemble them. The third is a
sun face that is my own design, that I am planning to document the
process of, just so that the process will be articulated, and if I
ever refine the notes it will end up in Orchid. Stay tuned but don’t
hold your breath…

Those curious and/or unfamiliar with this concept can go to and hit the 'special ’ page and look for the