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Cutting oil choose wisely

Good quality cutting oil will last you a long long time. You don’t
have to change it every 3,000 miles like your car. Depending on how
much cutting you will do.

DO NOT go cheap on the cutting oil.

Oil is extremely toxic for the most part, so please look for the
least toxic oil that has as little toxins and OUTGASSING FUMES as
possible !!

A friend of mine used a pure NON TOXIC environmentally safe type of
Antifreeze, you know, the kind that dogs can accidentally drink and
not die from, try that with low cost cutting oils…

Yes, the MIST from oils is terrible, but the outgassing fumes can be
just as deadly and the HOOD will not save you or your slabs from the
permeating outgasses.

Also, trying to clean off the toxic oils from your cut slabs is a BIG
chore and the oils that seep into the cellular structure of pores of
the slabs is, in true reality, impossible to totally remove… I have
slabs from the 1950s and 60’s that still smell awful, even though
they have been thoroughly cleaned many times and have also been

You usually get what you pay for and cutting oil is no exception.

Learn the FACTS about petrochemicals and other cutting oil
ingredients and trust what you learn for yourself, not what you hear
from cutters…

Choose carefully !

Good Luck