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Cutting multiple wires - any time saving tips?

Hi all
Has anyone got clever ideas on the fastest way to cut 400 or so lengths of 1mm silver wire to 2” long?
I’m currently measuring one piece, and matching it against the end of the coil to cut the next 399… In this particular instance I will be balling up both ends of each piece, so flush cutters, or even solder snips are ok.

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Use a ballpoint pen shaft cut to the right length. The wire goes in one and with your finger preventing it going any further than the other. You cut it with snips.


Tony Konrath


This idea came to me, but I haven’t tried it.

You will need 3 thin sticks about 2" wide. Or one thin one anyway, the thickness of the other 2 don’t matter.

Wrap your wire tightly around the thin stick as if you were coiling jump rings. Sandwich this between 2 other sticks to hold the cut pieces in place, and cut along your ‘coil’ on the edges of the center stick with a separating disc. Eye protection mandatory.

There will be some curvature at the ends where the wire wraps over the edge of the stick but for your purpose this might work.

Neil A

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Cut a wedge shaped piece of wood so that there is a spot wide enough to equal the length of the wire. Drill a hole wide enough to allow the wire to pass through the hole easily. Hold the wedge against a solid surface, insert the wire and, when it hits the solid surface, cut the wire. Tilt the wedge over and let the cut wire fall into whatever you want to collect the pieces in. You could also arrange the wedge so that the piece of wire will automatically fall once cut. You can do various lengths by drilling holes at different locations along the wedge.There are also inexpensive adjustable guides that will allow you to do the same thing. Look at just about any tool catalog…Rob


I just made myself a tool to cut filigree wires to same lengths. I
soldered one open end of various measured lengths of brass tube to a
sheet of brass, to make something that looks like a pan pipe.
I stamped the length of each tube on the sheet at the base of each tube.
Use at least a 3/8" to 1/2" wide piece of tubing to avoid having
slightly curved wires get caught inside the tube.
I shove a wire into a tube until it hits the bottom, cut across the
mouth of the tube and shake the wire piece out onto the table. Repeat ad

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry