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Cutting foil with a Silhouette Cameo (or similar) machine


In the Ganoksin video with Charles Lewton-Brain on Keum Boo, he mentions using a Silhouette Cameo (or similar cutting machine) for cutting the foil designs.

He doesn’t go into any detail, however, so I’m hoping there are folks out there in Orchid-land who can help me.

I have the machine and know how to use it for other media (paper, vinyl, etc.) but can’t figure out how to cut foils with it. The layered technique isn’t something that seems like it would work well.

I’ve read the old threads about cutting complex shapes in foil, but no specific answers regarding using a cutting machine.

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Trish
There are several silhouette groups on Facebook and I am sure you would find they are filled with helpful people!


I did do a quick search and didn’t see anything (but I don’t use FB very often, so I may have missed something).

Thank you.

I’m sure this technique has been done, I just don’t know who by. It doesn’t have to be a Cameo – any cutting machine technique would be welcome.