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Cutting drusy quartz

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has cut drusy quartz before and can
it be shaped like other stones to fit up against a curve? Thanks
much, Scott

Metal & Stone Design


You should have no problem cutting and shaping quartz. I’ve been
using my Genie diamond polishing machine for twenty years on some
very hard material and quartz is on the soft side. Just leave room
from where the Drusy stops and the smoother material around it
starts. This gives the Drusy more Pop and is easier to shape to the
curve you want to fit up against.

I’ve never had any problem cutting it.


Druzy quartz can be shaped exactly like any other agate material.
You do have to be aware of the fragility of the small crystals in
the druzy layer, and frame the druzy area within the agate area,
which is actually what you are grinding.

Chip Burnette