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Cutting Complex Design in Gold Foil for Keum-boo

I’m trying to cut out a complex design from a calligraphy book in
24K gold foil for use in keum-boo. I’ve previously managed to get a
clean cut with small craft store punches by sandwiching the foil
between two sheets of paper and then punching the sandwich. I’m not
doing so well with an Exacto knife, backing sheet, foil, and a
photocopy of the design, though – the foil keeps moving around no
matter what I do, including taping the sheets down. Has anyone
successfully glued gold foil onto paper, cut out the design, and then
dissolved the glue? Is there a water-soluble glue that dissolves
easily and cleanly and won’t interfere with the keum-boo application
afterward (or one that dissolves in acetone, paint thinner, etc.?)

Mona Clee

Try sandwiching the piece of foil between two pieces of tracing
paper with your design on a separate piece on top. Hold with a few
paper clips and cut carefully with hairdresser’s scissors if you have
them, or straight manicure scissors, removing the paper clips as you
go. Do not let go of the layers until it is all cut. I have cut
extremely complicated pieces in this manner from enamelling foil
which may be a little thinner than your foil.

Jenny Gore…

Hi mona, Have you thought of sticking the metal to paper sheets using
wax? Melt a very little beeswax onto the paper (or rub the paper hard
with a block of beeswax) , lay this face down onto the metal foil on
a non-stick surface, and adhere the two together with the heat from a
domestic iron.

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

 Has anyone successfully glued gold foil onto paper, cut out the
design, and then dissolved the glue?  

Something I have done to enable cutting out a design on gold foil
that has worked very well is as follows: Get some white shelving
paper from a hardware store and cut out a piece that is larger than
the design. Draw the design onto the white paper, peel the adhesive
back off part of the section of paper keeping the two parts still
attached at one end. Slip the foil in under the design so that it is
now sandwiched between the white paper and the adhesive backing. Cut
out the design using very sharp manicure scissors and remove the top
or white paper. Place the foil (upside down) onto the prepared
silver on the hot plate, and the heat will coil up the adhesive
backing and it can be picked off with a fine tweezers. (It can also
be burned off) Replace the foil design in the desired position and
proceed as usual to attach the gold to the back sheet.

I hope this is clear, but if you have any questions please contact
me. Joe Dule

Hi Mona You might want to try Transfer gold leaf. The leaf has a
sheet of paper attached to it which allows for more precise cutting.
When you place the gold leaf onto the size, the paper lifts off.

Sandra Noble Goss
Owen Sound, Canada