Cut Stone Displays

Hi everyone: I need to find some way to display single loose faceted
stones. I have seen small display stands that have 3 or 4 wire claws
for holding stones similar to the stone grabbers we use pick up and
handle lose stones.The problem is where to get these. If I can’t get
these I’ll entertain other ideas. These are to put into a display
case for judging.

Thanks all. John (Jack) Sexton

I’ve seen them in the Alpha Supply catalog (Bremerton, WA), I’m pretty sure they are also available at Rio.


Rio Grande has stone grips in their display and packaging catalogue.


Hi John,

You asked regarding gem stone displays… Here’s some outfits I have
experience with.

LA Tools - they don’t have a web presence yet.

Roger Dery

John, go to We have been making these display items
for years and supply the industry.

Yeah, I work there.

Cheers from Don in SOFL