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Cut down bright-cutting style diamond setting

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How to Create a “Cut-Down” Style of Bright-Cutting Stone Setting
By Gerry Lewy

In a catalogue of famous jewellery called “The Eye” from Salvidor
Dali. He asked his diamond setter to incorporate a fanciful setting
pattern, his setter did it to the artists wishes. It is called
"Cut-Down Setting"! We use no beads, just little ‘hooks’ to hold the

Well my dear readers, I am to show now you just how it is done. I
tried to have you follow through some text writings and a few
pictures, so you get the idea on its complexity. All you need is two
gravers, a Flat #40, and an Onglette graver #2. Nothing more!..

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If you have been considering your own Blog, but haven’t yet, the

Dear All who are reading my blogs!

I had a quite a tough time writing this essay on “Cut Down” setting.
I will fully re-write the essay a.s.a.p. and make this loads easier
to read. When this was written some time ago, I had little time to
photograph all of the steps in completing this process.

Once the jewellery setting season is over, I will make haste in
helping anyone to learn this great looking setting process.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it done elsewhere and I think it is
not being shown anymore, why? No one has the time or patience in
using this setting style, pity!

Again, I apologise if my essay appears too complicated!

I am now working on another “How to” just on applying wax-set rings
to the wax-tree that is prior to casting! This alone took me about 2
weeks of writing. With the text, I have numerous photographs…Fondest
regards to everyone!

Gerald, This seems like a well written piece on a classic method of
setting. Well done! tom arnold

Hi Tom

Thanks for the kind words on my essay. This was one of the hardest
essays to write. So many fine details to explain. I think it would
have been misunderstood to the many uninitiated. In fact, I’m going
to totally re-write this essay, with many more pictures after the new

I have never seen this setting method for the past decade or more. I
want it to be kept ‘alive’ through my writing.

No one wants to use it these days, and it is almost totally
forgotten! Too much labour for few dollars it pays to get it done.
But the beauty in the finished piece is great!

Keep reading my essays. As I think this blog is the only one around
which really specialises on diamond setting.

Have a good jewellery season, I have about 3,300 diamonds to set by
next month!..