Customer's say the darndest things

Hi All, Just had to post this one. I am a one man retail repair and
custom design shop and I do laser welding for the trade. I stay
busy @70+ hrs per week. Because of the volume of work, I schedule
repair work about 7 days from the date the customer left it. I had a
customer in this morning who brought in a sterling silver charm to
put on a necklace. A very simple solder, I already have many
"simple" jobs in my box. I told her one week to repair it. She
said, "But (store name withheld) just told me they could do it in 20
minutes. I kindly said she might be better off taking it to
them…Her reply, “Oh, but they don’t solder silver…” (insert smile
here). She left it…

Best Regards,
Bob Staley
B.Staley, Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding

Like the lady that came into my store and fell in love with a loose
Tanzanite I had. She ask the price and I told her $450 a carat.
Before I could get the net price to her, she said she didn’t want to
spend that much, but how much would it be without the carrots.


My first time “out of town” . . . someone looking at MY one of a
kind, fabricated, jewelery says, “Oh, I’ve seen your work before . .
.” curious, because I’ve never been away from home, I ask her were
she may have seen it. She says, “Oh, I don’t remember, but I’ve seen
those boxes before!”