Customer's comments

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  I got the best compliment last Friday. Talking with a customer I
had done work for, designing a ring with her, she said, "You are
ajeweler that is a jewelry designer's dream come true. 

When customers say things like this, its makes its all worthwhile. A
while back, I had a customer at the counter one day, picking up a
repair, that said " Its a big responsibility when you love your
customers like you guys do!"

When people say these things, you suddenly realize that no matter
how tough that day, or week, month , or year , has been, that you
must have been doing something right all along, no matter that most
people only comment when you do something wrong. It would sure be
nice to see a thread about customer comments/situations where we are
glad we do what we do. Its so easy to talk about the times where a
customer attempts to beat us into a pulp. Life is tough enough
without dwelling on those deals.

Ed in Kokomo

Interesting that this thread should be starting at this moment.
Just yesterday I had a client who was picking up a repair say, “What
a great job–it looks just like new.” That wasn’t a particulary
unusual comment, but then he said, “Well, I guess that’s the ultimate
compliment, isn’t it?”

Del Pearson of Designs of Eagle Creek in Beautiful South Texas where
people seem to appreciate each other’s skills and talents.