Customer service from a retail point of view


There was a discussion not long ago about customer service and I want
to share a retail customer of ours his point of view. To make a long
story short a customer was referred to me from an jewelry/art gallery
here in SF for a repair & restringing of a gent’s silver and gem bead
bracelet. It was relatively new when he had an accident and the
bracelet was badly damaged and beads were lost. I gave an estimate of
what I could do but encouraged him, in this case, to take it back to
the store and have the maker do the needed repairs… (The black onyx
beads had surface treatments and the end clasp had damage that made
it extremely difficult to adequately fix.)

Today I received this note and thought you might like to see what a
retail customer thinks of help & service satisfaction…

"Just to fill youin on my David Yurman bracelet saga. I took it to
Neiman’s as you suggested, and they took it in for repair, no
questions asked. They finally called about 9 weeks later, saying the
bracelet had been repaired and sent back. But then the salesman asked
if I had a very small wrist. I went to look at it, and instead of
replacing the scratched and missing beads, they restrung it with just
the undamaged beads so it ended up being about 6 inches long. I
couldn’t even fasten it. So my salesperson discussed itwith his
manager and they decided to give me a new bracelet and avoid more
waiting and aggravation.

Well done, Neiman-Marcus!"

For us-- we now have a customer who has been generous in support of
us on Linkedin.

He knows that he can trust my advise and we are starting a new
project of a custom piece. For Neiman-they have a satisfied