Customer requests


Along the same lines as the tanzanite rings… I had a customer (who
owns a jewelry business!) request that I find her someone to cut her
some large “Princess” cut emeralds. I tried to explain to her that
this was not a cut to be used on emerald - it is a different material
than diamond, and would not look like she thought it would, plus the
cost would triple…

This same customer tried to get me to channel set opals! She also
used to insist on rhodium plating all white gold and platinum pieces.
She said they didn’t “look” right if I left them “natural”…

It took a few months, but I finally gave her to a competitor. (Her
money was good - and on time)

Now, I sit back and listen to him crying about the things she tries
to get him to do.

Life is short. They say that 20% of your customers make you 80% of
your income… I’d would rather get by on 19%!

Brian P. Marshall