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Custom watch crystal needed!

I’m getting down to the last few steps making my first watch in a
series I call “reincarnations”. I broke every rule I could think of
when creating it and now I am paying the price.

I can’t find anyone in my circle of watchmakers who can help me get
a crystal for my piece. The area that the crystal will cover is
ovalish, around 1.5" by .5". I’m not sure about the exact
dimensions as I sent it to my brother to do some work on the
movement. The crystal will be large and needs to be curved on top
and maybe even a little on the inside.

Does anyone know of a watchmaker who has experience working on
custom watch cases who could make a crystal for me?

The other option is to have a gem cutter make a crystal out of
natural quartz. I really like this idea but I don’t have a clue as
to who to talk to about it.

Any ideas on this topic would be helpful, too.

Larry I have come to the realization that I have absolutely no self
control when it comes to making jewelry!!


Try your local optician. They have the equipment needed to grind
optical lenses to fit eyeglass frames. You just might find that an
eyeglass lens will do the trick. I have used this service myself to
replace missing crystals on 200 year old watch cases.

Doug Zaruba

Hi Larry,

How about an optometric shop. Maybe they could grind a crystal for
you. Just a thought.


In San Francisco you can find Crystal In To Stay, in 210 Post
Street. They’re the professionals.

Good luck.

Hi my brother in law has an opthometric shop and he makes the cristal
for the watches of my niece some times out of regular neutral optic
cristal and sometimes he uses photogray glass.

Glenn Lehrer or Thomas McPhee come to mind as gem carvers. They are
members of Gem Artists of North America and could probably make the
watch crystal or point you to someone who could.


Good luck.
Pam Chott