Custom Signet Rings - Production Methods?

For those of you who have made custom signet rings for customers, a few questions;

  1. What methods do you use (hand carved, CAD, etc)?

  2. What materials have you used?

  3. What have you learned or discovered about the process?

  4. What/how do you charge the customer?


I’ve used ONLY a Cad program for anything similiar to what you’re
making. Cad is so much easier and faster, hence less expensive, too boot!
I’ve used 18kt, 14kt and even many in silver. The results are spectacular
in any metal you choose. For your pricing, I’d allow the full Cad fees. BUT
build them up in your final pricing I’d even put in an additional 50% for
any unforeseen costs…don’t cut yourself short…Let the client know ahead
of time you are making “one of a kind” design…:>)
BTW, have the CAD person give you the “STL” working, cad-file, this
belongs to YOU!!! Another thing to know, will they actually build the
wax-item for you and cast it? Build these fees into your pricing as
well!!!..wish you tunz of happiness, you’ll be so happy you decided to use

Gerry Lewy

Sandy- We still do it old school in what ever metal the customer wants. I
can whip out a signet ring blank in wax in 30- 45 minutes.
Tim can hand engrave the crest or initials in another hour.
In our shop any custom piece is a minimum of $750.00 for the labor only.
Metals are our cost keystoned. The labor is the same price whether or not
it’s gold, platinum or silver.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

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Hi @jo_haemer! Will you hand carve even very complicated crest designs like this, also in an hour or so?