Custom Packaging jewelry

Anyone have a suggestion about where I can go to get custom
packaging of my pieces?

Looking for a small box (printed with my name?) or container with a
velvet(?) lining that fits my pieces.

It’s gotta have some class and still not be prohibitively expensive.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jill,

I make my own custom fit boxes, as I was unable to find a service to
make them for me. There is a need for this for someone looking for a

I buy a standard presentation box and packer that fit my size and
quality needs, then discard the stock interior and create my own
foam based, silk velvet lined interior form fitted for each piece. I
produce one- off pieces on a very small scale, so this is do-able
for me.

Anyone interested in my technique can email me off-forum and I will
send you details on my process.


Karen Olsen Ramsey

Have you looked at Rio’s selection? The boxes I use are quite plain
(no velvet!) but I do have my logo hotstamped on them and it’s very
nicely done. I know they have fancier boxes that are hotstampable -
maybe something that will fit your needs?


Hi, Karen, Howzitgoin?

I’d like to hear about your process-- and, I bet, so would a lot of
people. I urge you to go ahead and post it on the forum, if you’re