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Custom Mold Frames - NEED LARGE


How do people make molds of large items? Thinking almost the size of a cowboy’s belt buckle. I can’t seem to find anyone who makes mold frames large enough for some large earrings I’ve made.
Does anyone know where I can find some?
Thanks in advance.


Use a section of large diameter pipe, can even be flattened to and oval if that is closer to the size needed


Here you go if you go in the steel section and select rectangular or straight tube or pipe. They have it up to 8 inches by 12 inches in size. You just tell them how high and they cut to size.


I have made mold frames from rectangular aluminum stock purchased at the local hardware store. You will need to grind the metal a bit at the bends to make completely flat.


Is it already in the shape of a hollowed rectangle?


I’m not understanding the thought process here, as I am unfamiliar with the material. Does this require soldering?
Thank you


I’m afraid I need more instruction on this. What all do I need to do to it? Thank you


Nothing much, you specify the size you want and how long they cut it and ship it to you. The only thing that might need doing is taking a file and removing any shart edges from where it was cur


This process could be used for a closed mold frame but would require (Aluminum solder) soldering the frame closed after shaping it for if you are using a standard vulcanizer.

The mold frames in the pic are made similar to Castaldo U-Shaped Mold Frames For Room Temperature Vulcanizing Compounds, they can be found at RioGrande. The one with the nipple was purchased from Rio and the others were made with aluminum stock. I bent them with a metal bending brake and the corners bulged from the fold so I had to sand them flat.

Aluminum stock -

There are many low or no temperature silicone molding products available that can be cured in a common container. That may be the best for you.

If this info does not help please let me know more about your molding process and items.


A closing casting shop in the NYC jewelry district has a number of these for sale. Many other items as well. Let me know if interested.


Hope it’s not to late. Any chance for the large frames at this late date?


They haven’t completely closed their shop as yet.

Are you anywhere near NYC?



Pretty far, actually.
Oh well. There are some other ideas here to explore when I get around to it.
Thank you!


I don’t cast of make molds for vulcanizing and likely don’t know what I am talking about, but it seems to me that room temperature process molds could be cut from cellular PVC boards and plexiglass. You can buy the boards at Lowes. I have used them to make larger Delft clay casting frames. They work well as long as you don’t get the torch near them…Rob


One thing to consider. If you plan on silicone molds a mold frame used for vulcanizing rubber can’t be used for silicone.
I cast hard urethane molds in plexiglass frames. I go to a local plexiglass supplier. They do lots of custom work and they have a “scrap bin” of pieces that are basically unusable for most applications. I usually find 1” - 6”wide pieces of 1/2” X 2 or 3’. I cut the bottom piece the size needed and make the 4 “walls”whatever height I need. I make the side walls for half the mold and another set twice that. I pour one half at a time. That would also be good if you’re going to do any powder separation molds. I use an 1/8” drill bit and 1/8” brazing rod from a welding supply to make
“alignment dowels”. I coat everything with paste wax as a release agent.