Custom Made Tools?

Does anyone know of a place that you can commission custom made tools with exact specs? I’m interested in some tools that don’t exist anymore and nobody even knows the names for them now I guess, but I’ve got the specs, drawings, and dimensions of these things I’ve developed from historical references a thousand years ago and would really like my own set. I’m interested in getting three things made: a file in a peculiar shape, a set of blunt knives that have very specific dimensions, and a die (maybe a few dies). I’ve contacted a couple of people on Etsy who make tools and they said they wouldn’t be able to do it. Price isn’t a problem, I just want the tools made to exact specs and be of high quality steel. I’m not a blacksmith and don’t have the equipment or expertise to make them myself so I need to find someone who would be willing and able to do a good job of it. I think also the fact that they’re unusual tools was a little off putting to some of the people I contacted on Etsy, they figured it would take a good deal of time to make them based on my drawings because they’d never made similar tools before, but I figure someone who is good at making lots of different custom tools would be able to tackle the job.


I love your mindset and hope your challenge bear fruits.
If it does I’d love to see it here :slightly_smiling_face:



Try reaching out to Saign Charlestein

and Tim at TRForge on Etsy

and, look into bladesmiths…

for dies, try Kevin Potter at PotterUSA



Excellent!! Thank you so much, I’ve got the tabs open, and I’m going to reach out to them and see who would be willing to make what of these tools.

Custom RT/Pancake dies: me, making the best ones since 1987.
I wasn’t going to add myself to the list because of the way the OP was worded (didn’t seem to be interested in the kind of tools I make), but… email is
sheltech at yahoo dot com, or Dar Shelton on Facebarf, and I have a group there. (no shopping)


I have a blacksmith friend who might be able to help you.
Contact him at: 678-876-1654 or or
check out: Hammered Heart Forge.
His name is Michael Sebacher and he lives in Sharpsburg GA

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Seth Gould maybe? His tools are magical

I was going to suggest Seth Gould, also. He can make anything.

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I’m always making tools. If you send me the specs for the file and knives, I’ll have a look. Email;


As a new tool junkie, im dying to see what youre having made!


find a good tool & die maker, you don’t necessarily need someone who is in the jewelry world, right?


I’m going to send you and the other person who responded the file I put together for three different tools and see what you each make of them. One is a die, one is a file, and another one is a set of knives with specifics. The file is 10 pages long because I went into a lot of detail on exactly how these things are constructed, pulling direct quotes out of On Divers Arts and then put my interpretation in today’s speech on exactly what I think he meant. All three tools have one purpose only: to make beaded wire. Then whoever wants to make whatever will be fine by me. The other person would probably want to make the dies, you might be more interested in the file and the knives, I’ll share the joy and spread it around lol. Thanks everybody!! Give me an idea of what you want to charge for this and maybe a timeframe and I’ll get the money together. I’ll email you both, though, in a moment, I gotta find the file.

my email is