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Custom made hallmark punch in Europe

Hello everybody!

I’m kind of new here and never made a post, but read a lot and I’m
very grateful for all of your opinions, experience and interesting

But now I don’t know where else to ask, so: I’ve finally decided to
get registered at the Assay office (currently living in the Czech
Republic), they gave me my personal mark and now I have to find
someone who can make a punch. I never expected this to be a problem,
but I’ve written to couple of companies if they can give me a quote
and only one answered they have done this before, but I’m not sure
they can keep the standard of Assays office requirements. So I’m
trying to find some other place in Europe (EU ideally as there is no
extra tax), where they make these.

Does anyone has any recommendation?

Thanks a lot!
Gabriela S.

Try microstamp. They are in California

Hi Gabriela,

I read your post today, and had reason to phone my die maker in
Birmingham UK about some other work I need. I asked him if he would
like to quote for your punch. He said yes.

So the Co name is Thomas Fattorini &Co. and the person to email is
gary. Google for them youll like what you

If you have a technical drawing of the punch, ie size, type, wether
skeleton or impressed, with dimensions, preferably in PDF he will
quote you a price for a punch or more in different sizes, and a
delivery date. You will need to pay in advance as you will not have
an account with them.

you can trust them to do you a superb job. they have just cut 6
minting dies for me, both technically and artistically superb.

Let us know how you get on.

(Born in Prague a very long time ago.)

If you are registered with a UK Assay Office, you can order your
punches through them. The punches have to be registered with the
Assay Office, and stamped by them with a number, anyway, so it would
save you some postage. Or you can just have laser marks done, so you
don’t need a punch.

I’m in Sheffield, where we are lucky enough to have an Assay Office.

There are companies in Sheffield that make punches, I can find you
some contact details if that would be helpful.

Annette Petch Jewellery

Hi - which Assay Office are you registering with? All four of the UK
Assay Offices offer a punch making service. Depending on the number
of letters, you are looking at about 80GBP + VAT, comes out about 100
GBP with postage.

Also the UK offices offer laser marking, and if all your work is
laser marked you don’t need a punch


Hello Gabriela

I am slovakian goldsmith/enameller-Rudolf Molnar, if you need punch
you can ask in - or Here in Slovakia cost me around
30. I sent copy of the letter from Assay office with all the
details and it took around 2weeks to make the punch.

If you need any help contact me-

Kind regards

Does anyone has any recommendation? 

did you ask the assay office that gave you your mark’s design? I’d
bet they know the names of at least some of the firms who make the

Hi everybody, thanks for your tips! I’m not registered in the UK, I’m
staying in the Czech Republic and the Assay Office doesn’t make
punches and does not refer to the place you can get it made (it was
kind of a surprise for me :-)). But after posting this, I was
recommended a local guy

He said he can make it for 20 euros and 7 days, what I think is
really impressive, so I choose him and I’m very curious, what I will
get :slight_smile:

And thanks Rudolf Molner, it’s nice to see here someone from a close
land! :slight_smile: