Custom jewelry tags


Could please help direct me into how I can create custom logo
jewelry tags for bracelets and necklaces. I am looking to do them in
gold fill and/or sterling silver.

thank you!

A friend of mine stamps the letters into metal. With gold filled you
want to avoid polishing after, stamping would be good for that as

Hello Lisa,

There are companies that will do that for you, but first, you need
to have alogo. A logo is good marketing anyway.

If you want to make the tags yourself, get a custom stamp made of
your logo. Then you can either purchase a few hundred sterling discs
or stamp them out from sheet with your trusty hammer and disc
cutter. Then drill each witha small hole for the jump ring. Imprint
your logo, again using your trustyhammer to whack your custom stamp.
Don’t forget to add the metal quality stamp. Put the jump rings
through the hole and the last step is to burnish in your tumbler. At
least, that’s how I do it. Simple, but time-consuming.

Judy in Kansas


We use a photopolymer to create a model from which we cast pieces in
sterling or for a “gold” color we use brass. This link shows step by
step how we created custom buttons for a customer.

This technique could easily be adapted to create tags. The size
would be the limiting factor. The photopolymers we use to create the
model can produce type 2mm in height. The 1 in 2014 is 2mm high in
the attached picture. On our operations page there is a link to “U.
S. Navy Challenge Coin” which is a pdf document. Pages 95,96,100,and
107 show examples of the 2mm letters we were able to cast. I can’t
help with the gold fill, only “gold” in color like I said at the
beginning. Hopefully you will get some ideas from our work.

Be well,


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have no interest in the company but makes a
little stamping device that does the trick of making custom jewelry

Hi there - I just ordered from Infinity Stamps - thank you for the link. They have designed a stamping device in a form so that you insert the tag without any wiggle room - so the tag comes out stamped perfectly each time - theoretically.
This was my big worry, as I am not a very experienced stamper. I ordered it, sounds like a great tool. I will report back.

Well Lisa, if it is the type that I am familiar with you should have no worries.