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Custom goldsmith seeking employment opportunity

Good evening fellow Orchidians,

I am a 39 year old, self employed, custom goldsmith from
Southeastern Massachusetts seeking a new employment opportunity.

I began making hinged silver and brass boxes, three metal inlaid
(brass, red brass & sterling) belt buckles and forging knives at
age 15. I then changed over to making jewelry at age 16, fell in
love with the craft, and have been at it ever since.

I have been operating as an independant jeweler for a number of
years, and have decided to attempt to match my skills with a
high-end jewelry store that specializes (or wants to) in creating
custom jewelry.

I begin with pencil and paper to create the design, (often with
input from the client) carve a wax model or hand fabricate the
parts, and perform any and all tasks required to complete the piece.
I cast in all metals but platinum (at this time), am proficient in
model making, mold making, stone setting and enjoy interesting,
challanging restorations or repairs. Platinum and karat golds are my
medium. I do not work in silver.

I like to be the guy who they bring the job to, after everyone else
said it couldn’t be done. Nine times out of ten, I can and will do

I must confess, I’m a bit of a tool junky, believing that with the
right tool, anything can be done. If I don’t have the right tool for
the job, I’ll make it.

I have a good repore with my clients, and don’t mind spending time
with them to make sure that what they are dreaming of comes to life,
just as they dreamt it.

I am interested in finding just the right fit. Your store, and my

I would like to remain in the S.E. Mass. area, but would consider
relocating for the perfect opportunity.

Please direct serious replys to me, off list.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Jeff Regan
Cape Cod, Mass