Custom dies for rolling mill, who make them?

I am looking for someone who makes custom dies for rolling mill. Steel or brass using my designs. I do not want to mass produce, just for my use.

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You might want to contact Kevin Potter, at PotterUSA. Great company with lots of quality tools and wonderful staff.

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One thought is etching your own brass. I think you can find A video on line.

Art Clay World USA makes its own laser etched texture plates in card stock for rolling mills. Pepe Tools has used them successfully to imprint metal in rolling mills. They are far less expensive than the meta ones and can be found in dozens of designs.

You can go to various makers spaces in the USA and if they have a milling machine like a Bridgeport, they can teach you, or buy the steel stock and pay one of the members to do it for you. Here just north of Orlando FL. Familab has a young man that does milling for places like Universal Parks. He does round objects as well. A very talented young (21 if that) man. If you want to connect with him, message me and I will give you his contact info.

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