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Custom Designs and fees & payments

gerry & all - before i do a commission for anyone (especially the
first time) i have them sign one of the 2-part credit card receipts
or, for online or telephone jobs, give a cc number & info, with the
understanding that i will not process the card until they receive the
item(s). on the ticket i will write the specs for the job - there’s
room for a basic list on the non-swipe 2-part receipts. i explain
that this is now an industrywide practice that was necessitated by
just such cases as gerry listed. growing up my family had a ‘family
jeweler’, george, for many years. his philosophy was that a
commission was not like a dress from off the rack/stock that could be
sent out ‘on approval’ & be returned if it didn’t fit; a commission
was a contract between client & craftsman. as an adult, my own family
had one also, bob, & he perpetuated the same practices. there’s a
’caveat’ i always emphasize to the client: since my work is ‘one of a
kind’ it has to be understood that their piece(s) will be more or
less as drawn or depicted. there’s never been a problem with this
caveat & i’ve never had a piece returned. good luck or good design -
is there a difference?