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Custom design rates feedback

Would Like to get some feedback from you folks on what YOU might be
charging to custom design and cast a wax.

In my Price Book, page 1000-3 are rates to hand carve OR Cad rings.

Below is my rates in the Version 5.0, release 4, the latest book and
am wondering what some of you charge, whether its higher or lower.

My prices are based upon labor ONLY, metal is extra. These charges

  1. Carve/Cad the wax
  2. Sprue & Cast the ring in gold (does not include the metal)
  3. File up, size, polish
  4. Ready for delivery
    (stone setting & metal are in addition)

The reason I ask “in gold” because the prices include polishing, I
add in an extra $75 to cast & polish Platinum because of time.
Looking for prices and they would not include metal. Labor only.

Shadow Wedding Band (1) - Plain
No stones. Contoured to fit customers
engagement ring $400

Shadow Wedding Band (1) - For round stones
Contoured to fit customers engagement ring.
Holes drilled in wax for round stones. $450

Shadow Wedding Band (1) - For fancy stones
Contoured to fit customers engagement ring.
Layout for fancy stones. i.e. princess cuts. $500

Ring - Normal
Very little detail in workmanship-Few stones to
be set or be prepared for. Center stone/few sides.
Ring - Detail 1 $530

Intricate ring, lots of stones to fit, channels to
carve setting areas
Ring - Detail 2 $595

Deep etching work, including areas for
some stone setting. Animal Carvings
Ring - Detail 3 $700

Filigree Ring, fully pierced out work, including areas for multiple
stone setting $875

“Extra charges because the wax will be cut into 2 or 3 pieces, cast
and soldered back together. Either because of design requirements or
two tone:”

2 piece casting, small area-two color piece
Change thickness of shank, small changes-stock wax $145

2 piece casting, large area-two color casting;
add channels to plain rg, alter head size-stock wax $235

3 piece casting
3 different pieces casted, rewelded together. $325

My goal here is I’m revising the Geller Blue Book and I’ll be
working on this one chapter in a few days. In the past I’ve seen
people do one of 3 things:

  1. Charge the price I suggest in the book.
  2. Charge less (many times way less) because they are scared.
  3. But I hear many charge way more.

A jeweler told me on the Gemvision forums they were charging way
more than the book.

Remember these are rates to hand carve or cad a wax, cast & finish
and you know you’ll be casting it in gold, not platinum or silver. I
don’t care about how you break it down, “just the facts mam” - just
the end number. Labor only. Some of you may not break it down that
way. Spoke to a guy who charged 4200 a pennyweight. I don’t want to
hear that because as this guy found out on a 3 dwt ring he charged
only five dollars to MAKE the ring. Labor only.

Thanks in Advance for your time.

New book should be available end of April, announcement to come

David Geller

We pretty well start at $450 and go up from there to $1500 for the
more complicated multi stone ring with gallery work but have gone
more and gone less depending on ease or difficulty. It always is a
price I don’t make readily off the cuff. I always try to have a
minute to myself to work out the estimates. A quote made at the
counter usually comes out lower than when I’m honest to myself the
amount of labor that is required. I have played over the years to
come up with an hourly rate to estimate to not only carve but finish
also but have not settled on an amount. It will be interesting other
views on this. Jobbing out CAD work has bolstered my value for hand
work in my mind.