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Custom Carving Agate Cameos

We’re interested in custom carving agate cameos. Now, I’m somewhat
familiar with how they are making production of the same design with
ultrasonic milling. But I was wondering if anyone had any familiarity
with doing custom designs in agate cameos with a laser or other type
of machinery.

Thanks for your time.

Daniel Schifter
Photograve Corp.

Do you have any idea how much that laser technology costs? The
German company guards it’s secrets very well.

Good luck

An American Cameo Artist

An ultrasonic drill would probably be the appropriate tool, not a


I discussed cutting agate with a laser once with someone, and he
said it was not feasable because there was too much chance of
breakage - it might not happen, but there’s a high percentage of
problems. Hand cutting cameos is straighforward, but it takes a long,
long time - that’s why they’re expensive. A cutting arbor (I have
used a flex shaft), water bath, tiny diamond burs, polish with
compound and toothpicks or wheels. I don’t know of any other
machinery that would do it. If there were, trust me, Edar Oberstein
would be using it.