Custom cabinets

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone among us who’s in the midst of updating or moving
his/her shop and is seekng some unusually fine cabinetry? A close
friend of mine who owned and ran his own shop for twenty years, or
so, recently closedit and has most of its fixtures for sale,
including some handmade cherry wood-and-glass showcases, birch kiosks
(each with monitors w/ touch screens and related paraphernelia, which
enable self-service ordering of parts, rings, bracelets, et al,
without tying up sales staff) and a rather substantial Mosler safe.
He’d asked me to put some feelers out for him, so I am. If anyone has
any interest, drop me a line and I’ll forward some JPEG’s your way.
Until then,

All the best,
Douglas Turet, G.J.President,Turet Design
P.O. Box 242 Avon, MA 02322-0242 (508) 586-5690