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Current EU Suppliers?

Greetings All,

I recently moved to Croatia and am outfitting a new studio nearly from scratch. I brought a pelican case with some of my favorite hand tools with me but that’s about it. Especially now that the EU is having a large wave of infections it’s best not to travel so I’m looking for online sources for everything.

What are the EU/EEA equivalents of Rio Grande, Otto Frei, SFJS and Stuller? Are there any?

Buying things from the US and having them shipped is cost prohibitive. There are a couple of suppliers in Zagreb, but that’s 3 hours away from me, the websites are unusable and they look like soviet era hospital suppliers. I’m located in Istria, an hour south of Trieste.

Looking at the archives it doesn’t seem this topic has been answered successfully and not at all since '11 when Janet was asking the same thing.

Anyone care to share their favorites?


Karl Fischer in Pforzheim is the only German supplier whose website I know.
In Paris there are many.
Three with websites are

I know that cooksongold is the default UK supplier, which is a part of heimerle-meule group, which happen to have a couple of members, and a map with the locations of similar stores.

The Netherlands:


Hope that helps!

Another good one is

decent prices and reasonable shipping
you can select language on top of page

Good luck with your shopping ::slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, that’s a huge help. Cookson looks to be the easiest for my american brain to navigate although brexit is complicating things a bit on top of covid. It’s been tough to even find the correct search terms with all the languages. Looking forward to outfitting a new studio soon!