Curling sandpaper

Hello All, I’ve got what may be a silly question. I’m using some
sandpaper from Rio, can’t remember offhand what it’s called, but it’s
plastic backed. One of those micron graded sheets, long lasting and
cuts nicely. My only problem with it is the more abrasive grade curls
badly. I can’t curl it the opposite direction-it doesn’t reverse the
curl. It curls abrasive side out. Any solutions out there? Leda

Hello Leda, Try ironing the sandpaper on a very low heat. put the
sandpaper between a few sheets of newspaper and iron away. let it cool
in plain position. Maybe this will work.

Martin Niemeijer

You must break the fiber of the sandpaper to prevent curling. Holding
the ssndpaper sheet with both hands, run the smooth ( bottom) side
against a sharp flat edge like a table top on a 45 degree angle.
Exert enough pressure to weaken the paper fiber but not enough to
tear the paper. This will prevent curling. Good luck, Rob