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Cup Burring


What is the “Method of Cup Burring” any claw?

First of all you have to have on hand a complete selection or "77B"
or cup-burs in the range of 008 to??? But remember these are the
most expensive style of burs. I would try and trim the heavy claws
down to a more respectable size ready for using the cup bur. The
selection of your bur should allow the bur to be slightly larger
than the 4 sides of the claw. Your choice in this matter. For
starting, hold the bur in a 33 angle and then rotate the bur around
the claw in a clockwise rotation. Easy?

If you hold the bur at a 45 degree angle you will have the drill to
dig into the back end of the claw, this is not good. Always
lubricate the rotating bur, let the teeth of the bur do the cutting
or trimming. Once you have examined the results at this time, you
may trim with your #4 triangular file, and complete with using your
#180 grit, pumice wheels.

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter
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