Cup bur question

Hi guys :~)

I need a new set of cup burs and I want to try a different style. Can anyone give me feedback
regarding these two designs?

Many thanks!

I would pick the Busch bur, why? You can actually ‘see’ what is taking
place during the removal of the metal on the tip of the claw/prong!!! I
like this version better, as the ‘teeth’ are right against the edge of the
bur. Unfortunately, the next pattern/design the deep-cutting teeth are more
“aggressive” in the cutting process. Plus, the teeth are not truly against
the edge of the bur. Much “modification” needs to take place & not cost
effective!!! Hope this review is helpful.

Gerry Lewy

Hello Gerry,

Thank you. I will be using these burs to use primarily on the ends of wires.

A small barrett file. Skip the cup burrs.

With Barrett files, your ‘claw tips’ may not be ‘finished’ perfectly
round…just my opinion!!!

Gerry Lewy

I go thru lots of cup burs and prefer Busch Fast Cut.

Hi Jeffery

I have only been using concave twin cut burs since they came out. They cut faster, don’t load with metal and stay sharp longer.


hi Jeffrey,

I just got my hands on the book “Magnificent Tiffany Silver”…and was thinking of you…!..then I got to wondering…on tea pot handles…are the ivory discs to keep the handle from getting hot…?


I agree 100%, as would my wife, aka my first earwire “victim.” :head_bandage: It’s so much easier to make fast, consistent, smooth ends with a cup bur. That being said, though my breadth of expertise is limited, I’m not unhappy with the regular LYNX burs from Rio: LYNX Cup Bur, Set of 12 - RioGrande, so perhaps their C4s are reliable as well.

Good Morning @StullerInc also carries a BUSCH TWINCUT CUP BUR KIT -18-5005

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Hi all,
Just an F.Y.I for anyone in the U.K.
These are on sale on the cooksons website, available in various sizes. It works out around half price when buying 6 or more.
Also free postage code till end of february: FREEDEL17
Also 20% off order excluding precious metal and sale items till end of January: CHRISTMAS20

I just ordered this set. Thanks!


Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194