Cufflinks backs for metal clay cufflinks

Hi All,

I’m trying to help a friend make some cufflinks for her boyfriend.
She has made the backs to a pair of cufflinks and wants to attach
posts or something else to finish them.

I have been looking around online and have discovered that there are
several kinds of posts and even some embeddable links, but as we were
not aware of the embeddable I’m wondering if we are too late and if
by using them the cufflink will ultimately be too thick to use.

In brief here is where we are at:

The bases are made of PMC Plus - 4 cards thick.

The embeddables (if we get them) are also supposed to be 4 cards

I see that we could also attach a chain to each of the bases with a
bar at one end. If we do this how long should the chain be and how
wide should the bar be?

I also see that it might be possible to put a single PMC bar at the
back of each base but I am confused about how that would look if we
were to create it from metal clay. If anyone could direct me to a
clear image of this I would be very grateful.

I also see that there are other cufflink backs made of Sterling
Silver, that have rotating bars, that could be soldered onto the back
of the PMC bases - but I see warnings about protecting them from
excess heat in the soldering process. I am not sure what that means
as my soldering experience is limited. Can someone explain this to
me? Also can someone tell me what kind of solder I would need for
such a project?

In general how long should cufflink attachments be from the base and
how wide should the bar be?

Is there a site where I can see a variety of cufflink bases? When I
try to look up cufflinks all I see are the bases from the front and
not the backs - which is what I want to review.

Many thanks,
Vanessa N Weber

Hello Vanessa, You can use 12mm of chain and 22mm of bar to create
your cuff link backs.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold