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Cuff link sizes

What size should cuff links be that will be worn with a Tuxedo? What
are the dimensions for studs? Are there standard sizesfor cuff
links? I received a request to make cufflinks that are not too big
(my habit)! Thanks all.

Elegant Insects Jewelry


What size should cuff links be that will be worn with a Tuxedo? 

I think that is the equivalent of asking how big should a diamond

The customer needs to be more specific than, “not too big.” I have
found that using coins is a good way to get an idea of what size they
are looking for.

The important thing is the hardware that goes through the

Will it fit through all of the the holes? With a french cuff you are
talking about 4 layers of cloth and 4 holes. Will it stay in the
cuff and not fall out if they take off their jacket or start dancing,
or spy on arch criminals, like James Bond. Man, I just love that
white tux Sean Connery wears in Goldfinger.

Same thing for the studs, the hardware is the important part. Keep
in mind that, unlike cuffs which you can get at both sides, securing
a dress shirt with studs is not always a simple task. If the stud is
larger than the buttonhole it has to go in through the front. If it
will go through the front/top buttonhole then you can install the
studs first and the just button the shirt. That is the style that
usually comes with rental tuxes, a big thumbtack with a black plastic
cab in a silver colored bezel.

Pictured are a set of cuff links we have had success with. The
hardware comes from Rio Grande (no affiliation other than being a
very happy customer).

I haven’t made studs yet so I have no suggestions there, although
the set of shirt studs I own have this hardware:

You can put them on almost one handed. Again, I have no affiliation
with Otto, their picture came up first in a Google search.

Dress well whenever you have the chance,



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The size of the buttons being used would be the smallest I would go
for matching cufflinks.

But then again, I love to wear cufflinks and most of mine are about
an inchor more on each side. I am not sure what the needs are for a
tux but I always tried to have cufflinks that matched whatever tie I
was wearing that day.

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

For a black-tie tux shirt, cufflink material should match the shirt
studs, and are often sold with studs as a set. Practically speaking,
diameter should hold the cuff closed without pulling through, but
can be larger if the client prefers a larger style (and is willing
to break with tradition).

For white-tie, cufflinks and studs are typically a more restrained
style and color.

Cufflinks and studs are a lovely gift for the man who has everything
– much more fun than a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

  • Lorraine

For stud type cufflinks, they can probably be made in whatever size
you like, within reason, as the mechanism on the back is small
enough to go through the buttonhole. But with the "double button"
type cufflinks, the “button” hasto actually fit through the
buttonhole, so you’d be more limited with those. However, you
mentioned stud cufflinks, so my guess would be big enough that it
couldn’t inadvertently pass through the buttonhole, but not too big
so as to be ugly/out of balance visually or too heavy.