Cuff bracelet fitting

as an expert in carving larger, thicker cuff bracelet creations for
25 years, from materials with much less flex than metal sheet, like,
wood, acrylic, stone, and larger castings etc., i find these habits
for many of the thousands of people that try my bracelets:

  1. they unconditionally try to force them over sleeves, watches,
    over arms full of bangles, anything goes!!

  2. their main strategy, never look at what you’re doing just keep
    forcing and twisting, even right over the wrist bone, or the back of
    the hand, because ladies and gentleman, for many it is all about a
    flash of getting it on looking at it in a flash, mixed with the
    other stuff on there, or not, and then trying some more So my rule
    of thumb to them is to slide it on from the inside of the wrist,
    staying right behind the wrist bone, but i also bring powder, in case
    the chinese handcuff syndrome develops while i’m not looking For
    making such cuff bracelets- from inflexible materials, the opening
    must be a little more than slightly tight, going on!!, with the
    inside, nice and loose, then it feels goood, and has play during
    wrist movement, different for every wrist!!?