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Cuff bracelet clasps


I am designing a gold cuff bracelet and wanted to make a nice clasp
for the cuff bracelet. I know I can buy the box clasps from Stuller,
but I would love to make something like this:

Would anyone out there have any resources on how I can build this or
where I could buy a clasp like this to put into my Gold design.


I think that is a basically like a double tongue bracelet clasp,
(Stuller item #162). The maker then made the nice release buttons
and added the spacer bar so the safety clasp bar could lift up as
shown in the photo. You will need to hand make all that, you can’t
really buy it anywhere that I know of. It’s very nicely done, I like
to two melee on the clasp. That was a nice detail. Mark

Easy to make. I like to make this kind because of the nice low
profile they have. Fun to make too.

Basically it looks like a big M with little legs on the bottom of
the M.

The receiving end looks like a rectangle with two little rectangular
boxes cut outI and a bar in the middle of them.

I prefer to make the fold over safety on the inside of the bracelet
rather than the out side for security.

You can see them in Stuller’s findings catalogue on pg 457. Item
numbers 162 and 23807.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Hi Gunter,

This isnt fold forming, its basic sheet metal work.

there are 2 ways to do this.

  1. you need to get 2 pieces of square steel 150mm long by 5 mm sq.
    one stays as it is, the other has 2 45deg bevels cut so it looks like
    a triangle with the top cut off. this is also reduced in width to 3.5

these 2 bits of steel are located together with drilled holes say 20
mm in from each end through which you put some well fitting bolts
and wing nuts to tighten up.

you put your silver in between the 2 steels, clamp up on the scribed
lines and dress over to 45 Deg with a soft mallet.

Slacken off the bolts, remove one, slide the silver out, and finish
of by dressing down flat.

  1. The other way is to take your 10mm strip and turn into a tube.
    solder up the long seam, true up in a draw plate then again dress
    down flat with the seam in the middle of one side.

Ill leave you to find out how to make tube from strip.


Hi Ted,

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.

Monday morning I’m off to get my steel!

Appreciate your help.