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Cuban links getting kinked

Hi all!

I’ve been making a lot of Cuban link chains lately, and I have run into an issue. I can make a chain and it sits flat on the neck, but as soon as I put it down the links move and get kinked and it’s hard to get straight again. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to keep the links from moving?
Thank you so much for any help!


I have no recommendation, but maybe the problem is in the twist; which is my problem with curb chains. The twist is shown in step 10 of this tutorial

In an unsuccessful effort to improve my twisting, after seeing an old handmade tool in one of Carles Codina’s books, I tried to make a similar tool using a pipe clamp like this

An archive search for curb chain makes me think it should be annealed more frequently during the twisting stage.

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Hi Ava. I would check the aspect ratio. If you use wire that’s even a bit too large or too small for the design you’re making, strange things can happen - the chain might be too tight to flex, or too loose to hold the design. Mary

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