Crystal cleaning

I do have a question to the rockhounds out there regarding quartz
crystals. We have purchased the Oxalic Acid and plan to use the
enameled canning pot outside and only heat the solution outside to
avoid any reactions and slowly cool the solution to prevent any
cracking of these beautiful crystals. It was suggested to use one
pound of acid to one gallon of H2O. We have also thought of use wood
stick (like chop sticks) to remove the crystals to prevent
contamination. Are we on the right track? We could use any and all
suggestions. The chemist suggested heating the solution to remove
the minerals fr the crystals faster. Is this the correct procedure?
Thanks in advance and hope to hear from other rockhounds. Pat and Dennie

Dear Pat and Dennie,

I can’t advise you about Oxalic Acid, since I’ve no experience with
it, but I can recommend an alternative. A longtime rockhound and
mineral dealer, Steve Solovieff of Freeform Creations, once told me
that nothing cleans crystals better than Easy-Off Oven Cleaner (the
fume-free type is OK).

Just put the crystals in a sealable container, spray generously,
cover, and leave overnight. I have used this method with white
chalcedony roses and delicate kammererite drusy with great results.
Give it a try.