Crush stone inlay

looking for books or any info on the crush stone inlay technique?

David, would be surprised if you find such a ‘book’, rather you
might find a short chapter in a book on general inlay. I have taught
all sorts of stone inlay classes using; single cell, pave style, hopi
style, multi-stone inlay and, finally, crushed. The later is
simple…just crush the type of stone in an amount that will fill
the cell (whether large pieces or very small -

almost dust). Fill the cell with the stone and dribble in epoxy. If
you fill just enough to hold the fill in the cell, the surface will
remain sharp and matte which you can smooth with a wheel or paper.
Otherwise you can fill to the cell level with glue allow to cure and
then add some over the stones that stick above the cell and when it
cures you will get a polished effect. Makes a nice effect in either
case. Cheers from Don in SOFL.

You might try looking for crush stone inlay by searching in
woodturning sites. The process is a little different but it might
spark some ideas at to what you can do.

This sight show you an example of how it is done in wood.